Bishop’s Score for Induction
This is the table used to determine how successful an induction of labour might be. It is recommended that the Bishop’s Score be greater than 7 (9 is optimal if using the midwifery model of the Bishop’s score which is included below) for it to be successful.
To ensure your own induction’s success rate, inquire about your Bishop’s score or better yet learn each part of the score and figure it out for yourself. The unfortunate reality is that there are inductions being performed with scores as low as 2 that make induction very difficult and success rates low. More than 1 in 5 births were induced in 2001! This is significant since in 1991 the induction rate was 1 in 10 births!
Induction with low Bishops scores decreases a woman’s coping ability with the increased pain of induction and the increased length of labour. This can be combined with AROM (artificial rupture of membranes, breaking your water using an amniohook) to supposedly increase the success rate early in the induction, but in fact this far too often leads to cesarean births as ruptured membranes increases the chance of infection for both mother and baby. Make informed decisions for both you and your baby!

Lengkap : Bishop’s Score


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